Rachael has a Certificate in Visual Arts and has illustrated books by authors for the past ten years. An award winning artist in several mediums, she prefers to work with digital art. Her passion is for the whimsical but she rises to the challenge of many styles of art. Currently, she is using her experience and knowledge of face painting to explore the world of body art.

Ariane is an up-and-coming freelance artist and model that one should take notice of. She works with digital art creating original characters and fan art. Her sculpting skills with prop creations for Cosplay are to be rivaled. Putting her heart and soul into each of her projects the results are spectacular. When she’s not creating her next suit of armor, she is practicing her makeup skills and working with photographers for that next great shot. She is constantly broadening her talents with new skills. Keep your eyes open for new and exciting creations from Ariane Mahaffey.

Jeff, having been a lover of music from an early age, has always desired to capture audible and visual elements. Having been mentored by Leonard Gibbs (a now retired engineer) in symphonic and choral recording style, combined with technical aptitudes has led him to be a free-lance recording engineer. Capturing the essence of live performances is one of his many passions including digital photography, voice talent, watching films, and electronic/mechanical ingenuity.